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This is a preview
of the evolving NCA website and
the NCA community service organization
which are still under development.

• A test of the FCC approved GMRS network is being planned.

All CERTs should participate to help us identify any shortcomings in the ability to communicate with 100% of the area CERTs.

See Communications/Range Sense (sensitivity) Test

• New webpage: CERT Comm Equipment

Your comments and suggestions
are appreciated at

1. Any CERT that wants to use the NCA's services and capabilities
may participate in the NCA . There is no cost to participate.
This is a public servce special interest group.
NCA is not affiliated with any specific CERT.

2. A quick look at NCA's Objectives will give you an idea of our goals.
3. The NCA Communications Plan provides 100% radio coverage
from the Contact Team to the EOC.

FCC has confirmed that a license for all GMRS radios will not be necessary for radios operated in Indian Spring under the NCA licensee when activated during an emergency, training or drills.

Any of these radios used at times other than emergency operations, training or drills or not under the direct control of the NCA licensee will require an FCC license to use GMRS frequencies.

4. As an introductory offer you might want to take the
          Radio Fundamentals   and   Network Operations courses.

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