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FCC Authorized Use of GMRS Radios
At Indian Spring

After a few months of discussion with the FCC a decision was reached to allow the use of GMRS radios at Indian Spring under specific conditions.

An email was sent to the FCC action officer outlining my understanding of the terms he had defined and asked for his review and concurrence.

Email to FCC July 19, 2016 10:54:42 AM EDT
Can you please review the contents of this email and confirm the accuracy of my understanding of the rules by which we may operate.

It is legal, under CFR Title 47: Part 95, with my GMRS license (WQXY657, FRN:0022487722) that:
- I can establish a GMRS radio system of one or more radios
- I am responsible for the control and operation of the GMRS emergency radio system
- I do not have to own all the radios in the system
- I may designate any station operator to operate a GMRS station in the system.
- The designated station operators will perform under my control and under my license
- They do not need a license of their own

The terms for operating this system are:
- This is a GMRS emergency radio system that will be activated in a stated disaster or emergency situation as defined by the governor of Florida or the FEMA CERT operations procedures, and for emergency drills and training for these circumstances.

- The GMRS system will be operated as a Directed Network where I will serve as Net Controller.

- This GMRS system's emergency communications needs will be relayed to the Palm Beach County - Division of Emergency Management - Emergency Operations Center over the established state/county designated amateur radio VHF Emergency Communications Networks by a licensed amateur radio operator (K4VJZ, FRN as above).

- This mode of operation is for emergency situations and is not applicable to other uses of the radios that comprise this GMRS system.

Again, please let me thank you for providing our community with this solution to our communications problem.

David Seltzer, K4VJZ ARRL certified EmComm Operator

Response from FCC July 19, 2016 11:21:29 AM EDT
I have reviewed the contents of your email and hereby confirm the accuracy of your understanding of the rules by which you may operate your GMRS system in an emergency.

It should be noted that, under CFR 47 Part 97, a licensed amateur radio operator may only send an emergency message ("immediate safety of human life and immediate protection of property") as part of an emergency situation.

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