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Range Sensitivity Test

The initial priority of the NCA is to provide an effective means of communication within and between member CERTs and with the county Emergency Operations Center.

This means 100% connectivity
At tier 1: between Indian Spring Central and the EOC and/or EOAs
At tier 2: between the neighborhood CERTs and with Indian Spring Central
At tier 3: within the neighborhood CERTs

It also means that, if 100% is not achievable we will be aware of the shortcomings and can seek a remedy, where possible.

The Initial Range Sensitivity Test
This initial Range Sensitivity Test will be a proof-of-concept evaluation to identify any shortcomings in the operation or internal communication architecture as approved by the FCC.

Tier 1 Communication with the EOC has been in effect and active for three years.

Tier 2 Internal community GMRS testing will be conducted between the Net Control Station located in the Westgate Incident Command Post and each of the participating CERTs. It is highly recommended that the Indian Spring CERT Committee also participate from their proposed IS CERT Incident Command Post location.

If you want to check out your radio at any time before the test, call me at home and I will work with you to set up and check out your radio. [The night before the Prom is not the time to learn how to dance!]
There will also be a Q&A session on channel 21 about 1 hour before for the test for any last minute problems.

Net Control will operate on GMRS channel 21.
This is a Directed Net. You may only transmit when directed to do so by Net Control.
All area radios should be able to hear the Net Control Station.
All radios will set their privacy code off (Tone=0).
Any radio (HAM, GMRS or FRS) is authorized to listen to GMRS channel 21.
All CERT Tactical Call Signs are [community name] CERT, i.e. Estates CERT or Westgate CERT.

CERTs capable of transmitting on channel 21 will talk and listen on channel 21.

CERTs only capable of transmitting on channel 14 will talk on 14 and listen on channel 21 (if you have a dual channel radio).
An effort will be made to retransmit as much of the communication as pracical on channel 14.
Once implemented, this architecture will require all CERTs to be able to work on GMRS channels.

When a participating CERT logs-in, Net Control will ask all of the other participating CERTs to record whether or not they could hear the log-in. All CERTs will record the transmission quality as:
  5: Reception is loud and clear
  4: Reception has noise in background
  3: Reception hard to understand
  2: Reception not understandable
  1: Channel busy indicator but no reception
  0: No channel activity detected

Tier 3 FRS sensitivity testing within each CERT can also be performed if the participating CERTs want to make sure that their internal frequency assignment does not interfere with other CERTs assigned to the same frequency.

Radios in Use
A description of radios in use in Indian Spring and the Users Manual for most is available in the following pages.

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