NCA Objectives

The NCA is a source of information and training
for the establishment, mannagement, maintenance and operation
of non-municipal neighborhood CERTs.

This website is intended to help us achieve our objectives:

The first objective will be to provide a 100% effective means of Communication within and between member CERTs and with the county Emergency Operations Center

Additional objectives will also provide:
  • Information and Training to CERT members

  • a Forum for the community of member CERTs for the development and consensus of ideas, and to share lessons-learned from their collective experience.

  • a means to bring new and established CERTs up to date and Compliant with current federal, state and county laws, guidance and directives.

  • a medium for Coordination and Colaboration between CERTs in emergency and non-emergency situations.

  • a means to protect member CERTs from Liability prosecution.


In 2014 FEMA overhauled and updated its website and much of the documentation
pertinent to the establishment, management, operation and maintenance of a
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

As a result of the new and modified FEMA and Palm Beach County guidance and requirements, the initial documentation of our CERTs should be appropriately modified to more closely follow these changes. This re-documentation would provide more clarity to CERT team responsibilities, practices and procedures. It can also establish a strong defense mechanism to protect our members and their Home Owners Associations from liability related to CERT activity.

There are fewer than 50 neighborhood CERTs still in operation in Palm Beach County today. It has been 10 years since the last hurricane in southern Florida. When the next major storm hits, southern Florida we will have a collection of uncoordinated, out of practice, over-aged CERTs fending for themselves without any form of centralized coordination, guidance and information. Many of the CERTs stopped operating due to concerns about possible liability issues. Many because there was no percieved need after many years without a disaster. It is estimated that the week after the first cateory 3 storm, there will be at least 50 new CERTs trying to startup up without appropriate coordination, guidance and training.

This website is dedicated to providing information and methods for new and already organized CERTs to create, manage and operate a CERT, and to create some kind of central organization to coordinate the information, development and operation of these (orphaned) non-municipal CERTs.

The information presented in this site is extracted from FEMA and other authoritative websites and presented in condensed form with references to their sources. The three core functions of a CERT, Organization, Operation and Communication, are emphasized. Sample documentation for the formation/re-formation of a CERT will be developed by the NCA membership and are made available to be modified and adapted for each individual CERT.

The NCA provides information for the education and training of CERT members and managers. NCA does not provide direction or guidance to CERTs or CERT members and managers. The NCA cannot be held liable for materials used or adapted from this program.

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