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My name is David Seltzer
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This is why I stay safe

        This is my home.                             I call it the Covid Castle

I have applied my experience as a consultant to three teaching hospitals in Philadelphia
and as a specialty trained EMT in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to create this facility.

The Covid Castle has all the amenities to support COVID self-quarantine,
and to share it people who maintain a strict Covid safe regimen.

The house has a heated pool open for use
day or night, lighted or unlighted

a workout area with eliptical bike, treadmill
balance equipment and massage table

and a therapeutic shower
big enough for two.

To fight off Covid-19 we have

a reception area at the front door with
gloves, masks, hand sanitizer lotion,
an Ultra-violet sanitizer wand
and a non-contact laser thermometer

an Ultra-violet whole room sanitizer
for rooms up to 600 sq ft.

Walking, jogging and bicycling on a .5 mile
circular road within the imediate community
and 2.5 miles of road
within the gated community.

My daughter, the doctor, says I can have guests
if they maintain a strict Covid safe regimen.

No commercial travel (airplanes, busses, taxis, hotel/motel rooms).
Works at home or not at all,
No crowded venues (concerts, movies, theater, bars, protests).
The same limitations apply to people who work on or in the house.

My favorie Covid compliant restaurants include:
Prime Catch: Seafood, Monday is Lobster Night, Wednesday is Prime Rib Night.
Italian: Veal Marsala at Mama Mia's on Woolbright.
Hibachi at Sawa and Chineese at Tokyo Peking on Jog Road.
Philly Cheese-steaks at JerseyMikes on Woolbright.

Full moon night swims. (A wet suit jacket is available for the more timid winter bathers)

Don't let covid shut you down!
Play it safe! But don't stop playing

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