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Emergency Service Organizational Interoperability:
"Interoperability is the ability of systems or organizations
to exchange information and operate effectively together." This includes:
FEMA Citizen Corps organizations such as CERTs, Red Cross, ARES, SkyWarn, etc
county Emergency management organizations such as Emergency Operation Centers, Police, Fire, Rescue, etc
other Emergency Service Organizations such as hospitals, shelters, churches, etc.

Do-It-Yourself CERT: Extracts and observations from authoritive federal, state and local documents, statues and laws to assist in the establishment, management and operation of local CERTs.

Insights on Emergency Amateur Radio Communications: radio communications methods to supplement and/or substitute for normal commercial cell, landline and internet telecommunications.

The website is under development.
More references and information is being added as it evolves.
Your input as to what you would like to see in it would be appreciated.
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